Glen Strachan is a raging belljester, currently working on long-term project The Love Rivals, 36 character portraits celebrating the individual.

Sure I'm fucking around with Instagram stories and Millennial shit I don't understand, but this ain't Billy C writing a song called Run2me. No value in that at the best of times, and this ain't the best of times - long may you flounder earning the trust of triceratops brought back to life and analysing their poop in CGI. I look out the window & view the world through big brass bars set in cold, wet stone. Here's a little story for ya. Things do still happen, I'm just outta the habit of sharing. So. I went to Berlin and did the usual - saw Tim and confused the randoms - and went at last to Tegel airport to fly back to London, got on the plane got on the runway and WOAH THERE MUTT! Fight cancelled. People were right moody but they gave us 300 Euro for travel, accommodation and refreshments, so I hit up the city, booked myself into the classiest hotel I could find, opened the champagne from the mini bar and flopped out on the town to piss it all right up the wall. Worst night out in the whole trip, Mo Money Mo Problems (feat. Mase & Puff Daddy)

Now what then, 2018. The fates came straight outta leftfield with that one, an ultra modern Masterstroke of the Gods, the gleaming jewel of Jehova. What are your goals? I aim to do less, and do it better. Life's a big place.

Such an incredible year; so complex; so unexpected; tragic & heartwarming in equal measure. A plane crash survivor, regaining consciousness in the throat of the Amazon, lost to the past and so far from a future that's happening right now. But life is anything but elsewhere. Meanwhile.. I'm in Ruislip, trying to juggle the licences and registration codes for ten thousand third-party plug-ins, those dark clouds of modern music production that no lightening cable can penetrate.

I've so many songs. I've computers and phones and backup drives and dictaphones and notebooks and apps and a memory FULL OF SONGS. This is one reason I've been in such a mad rush this past 20 years, trying to get them all out, but 2017 is the first time I've taken a step back. I was working towards a certain point as an artist, but when things fell apart at the start of this year I realised it was finally time for me to live as a human being for a while, long overdue. I don't play guitar so much anymore. There's an interview with Morrissey in the Sunday Times Magazine this week where he asks "Are you successful at the cost of something else?" and therein lies the balance I've tried to strike between life & art. But in reality they are one and the same, the success and the sacrifice. As with everything, balance is the real art-form here.

I'm making 6 Love Rivals and sequel 5LR together, pretty much, as the stories of these characters are (successfully, predictably) getting closer together and overlapping in places. The entire series is drawing to a very satisfying close, and I'm already penning the conclusion to work inwards from both sides. I guess that doesn't make much sense to anyone unfamiliar with the overall themes and concept.

And so, a very Happy New Year to you all, may the last few weeks of December bring you all the closure and peace of mind you need to start 2018 with a hunger for life in your heart and a smile in your wise, brave & open, ever-trusting eyes.

Yeah yeah 6 Love Rivals still ain't finished and that's why it ain't out yet, oops!! Many, many reasons for this but I shan't bore ya with the details, only that it will be better as a result.

Been so happy living in Greenwich, but I'm set to up sticks again and head out yonder. Wherefore & why? I can't really talk about such things, and one reason for that is I'm not entirely sure myself.

So what can I give you? Maybe some lyrics:

Kalid's Been Turning Tables

Kalid's been turning tables since he was 17,
Now he's standing in my kitchen,
Just watch me paint the scene,
He wants to know:
Are you a fuckin' nutter, or have you just lost your Queen?
Or are you a proper nutter who's seen the things I've seen?

Who's seen the things I've seen?

Kalid's been turning tables since he swam out to sea,
He's been dining with the mermaids under zaffre waves & he calls to me
He says:
I'm heading back towards the ship, that shared reality,
But you should check these girls out sometime do you know what I mean?

Do you know what I mean?

Kalid's not a protestor & I do not compete
For those who only want what they can't have (we'll never feel defeated)
Whilst casting stars against the clouds a disco ball has run aground now
One Greek girl turns towards another, says I love you more that Pet Sounds
She says I love you more than Pet Sounds.

Wowsers, last night's show in Peckham was a blinder, Jae played a wonderful show filling in on bass/harmony duty and it was incredible to see a packed venue dancing and singing along to the known songs while new material from my new solo record definitely connected too. Here's the setlist:

Jeeps On
Eddie At My Favourite Bar
The King in the Carpark
Kalid's Been Turning Tables
Michael, Are You Breathing?
Everything (Anymore)

At the warm up show at the Treaty on Friday we also played Castlehaven and You Gave Your Love To Me Softly (Weezer cover).


Melpomene Singing in the Shadow of White Tower

What am I doing in Thessaloniki?
Well, flights are much cheaper from here
Been living in Athens
Been driven down dead ends
Been living off lyrics and beer
And it's weird
Cos I don't know nowt about

I stroll down the sea front with a Mythos and a smile
And I see Melpomene and I watch her for a while
And she's dancing
And she's singing
Cos she's truly versatile!
It's been years since she was dancing
But she's changing her lifestyle

Μπατσοι - μουνία
Μηδέν - τρία

Fires that she had started
Banks she burned
Melpo sips on Alpha
And reflects on lessons learned
In Omonia & Exharchia
With police cars overturned
In the shadow of white tower
Ancient passions re-emerged

Melpomene singing in the shadow of white tower

Click poster for the Jeeps show event in London on Sat 18th Nov:

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