Strawport is a modern recording facility in London, managed by songwriter, composer & soundtrack artist Glen Strachan and producer Hatty Redfoot. It is equipped with everything a band, duo or solo artist requires to make a professional sounding recording.

We have a drum/vocal booth, production room acoustically designed by Sandy Brown (one of the world's leading independent acoustic consultancies), Fender/PRS bass & guitars, Fender, Ashdown & Vox tube amps and a bunch of great mics by Royer, Rode, JZ Mics, Electro-Voice, Shure, Aston, Sennheiser etc.

The studio hosts a ton of high quality recording gear including a fully analog 1970s Auditronics "Grandson" mixing desk, Neve/API preamps, Elysia/DBX compressors, API/Maag EQ. latest software including full compliment of plugins by Waves, Plugin Alliance, Soundtoys, Izotope, UAD & many, many others. We even record to 4-Track tape if the project invites that kindof sound.


Option Price
 Drum/Piano/Solo rehearsal   £12/hr 
 Vocal/voiceover recording only   £18/hr 
 Full band recording   £30/hr or £150 for a 6 hour session. 
 Full Mix & Master of a pre-recorded project   £80 (Very limited availability at this price) 

Get in touch if you're recording 4 or more songs for an EP or album & we'll come to an agreement on price to meet all budgets & ensure there's no compromise on the final product.

All bookings include a final mix with 3 revisions & an 'in house' master, although we recommend using a dedicated mastering studio for any recordings scheduled for official release.

Some tracks recorded & produced at Straw Port: